excerpt:. Coco Rocha + Zac Posen

coffee has an interesting way of showing up in our cultural conversation. an exCerpt, of coffee and its collective appearance as a character in the every day.

Judy Casey for Lucky Mag

Judy Casey for Lucky Mag

Here’s a beauty of coffee. When coffee – or tea – plays a role in our lives, it’s presence can be as non-dramatic as it wants. It can take on a leading role or that of a supporting character. Often times, it’s the latter, comforting us, holding us down and inspiring creative thoughts when we are at one with our own ritual.

In the current issue of Lucky Magazine, whose editor in chief –Eva Chen-  smdlr loves capturing during New York Fashion Week shows, coffee may seem to play a supporting role. It’s found in the hands of best friends and fashion staples Coca Rocha and Zac Posen.

I dare to say that coffee takes center stage here. It’s cast as a regular but integral character in both their lives and it’s appearance is in action, for goodness sake, Coco is ‘gramming with it in her hand. #love

So, walk this thought with me, because coffee has a universal presence in every culture, which handle likes to document ; art, music, literature, film and yea fashion couldn’t it be a contender for having a leading role…if not in this pictures at least in our lives.

Yes, some of our fondest scenes are the ones we can paint that find the complexity of what happens in a cup among us – models and designer included. That is what I’ll call a little coffee culture surrealism. cde #cupUp