exCerpt:. Petra Collins x Warby Parker

“I take my coffee black.”

She is a photographer by portrait and fashion. As well, she’s the photographer behind Warby Parkers’ Beacon Collection. This image of her here, captured by photographer Zara Mirkin evokes an 80’s nostalgia for me, the kind when I was a kid and I did crossword puzzles on the road in the family station wagon while road tripping to places like Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas.

It also reminds me of those food marts along the way, where the smell of black coffee was near the Slurpee machines. I didn’t drink black coffee then – my dad did – and I’m sure Collins isn’t drinking road trip coffee now but nonetheless – these are the memories that coffee wonderfully ignited. Don’t you just love that – I do.

Do you have any childhood memories around coffee? I’d love to hear them.

Until then, I’m imagining a coffee date with Collins – night capps, new specs and one wild New York City sunset. Shop the collection here. xoCo. [ hugs and coffee ]

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