exCerpt:. Rachel Antonoff, ‘Dress Rehearsal’


dress rehearsal, rachel antonoff


I wonder, a lot, what makes one incorporate coffee into their style sensibility. I mean, after-all, does it have to have an appearance in say a film, a short film at that, that’s 5m 32s, which also just so happens to be the storytelling tool of a designer for her fall collection. The answer is no, it doesn’t have to make an appearance. Yet, the fact that coffee does, its just absolutely visual beyondNESS.

Whom I speak of is Rachel Antonoff, who seems to dig coffee culture, a lot. I’ve deduced this from her incorporation of it into her brand’s lifestyle as seen through its function in her film ‘Dress Rehearsal.’

At 40s in, a book opens with the title card announcing the film ‘Dress Rehearsal.” At the lower bottom, one can see a mug with a line of steam issuing above, along with music notes. Could the combination of coffee and music, which I love, be illustrated more simply and beautifully than this? I think not!

Then, the protagonist of the film takes her tea to the window for a gaze outward. This essence of a moment with a brewed beverage, inciting respite, wonder, daydream is quintessential to the ritual of many. Following this, at 1m 26s, a bun-tied dame, sips in elegance from a demitasse cup, leaving behind the glorious stain of her lipstick. I love this impression of reality unmitigated.

As if the visual cues to lifestyle can’t get any better, a beverage of water, pivotal to the component to any drink makes a cameo, in the toilette. All these beverages coupled with daily functions is placement that isn’t too far fetched – clothes are worn in places and as clothes in the context of the everyday and what’s sipped is occurring in moments that also occur in the everyday. Cue the double entendre genius.

There’s prints and pinks, fabrics and greens, framed photos and scenes, mirrors and selfies for an entire setup that is set up to deliver coffee as fashion, as habitual, as beautiful and dressed for all its occasions.

Consider Fall 2014 delivered accepted and signed. Now, to tip Ms. Antonoff for her service, I need to see which one of these finely crafted pieces is coming into my wardrobe, while I listen to Andrew Dost, the proprietor of the films music. #cupUP

DRESS REHEARSAL from Rachel Antonoff on Vimeo.