exCerpt:. The Man Repeller, ‘In Defense of Caffeine’


“But coffee and me, we’re in it for the long haul…. Life’s little luxuries—coffee and cabernet and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups—are too delicious to resist.”

One has to love the Man Repeller, or not. But, I do! She speaks her mind unabashedly; I love that.  In addition to proclaiming her love for coffee she also insinuates that her coffee need not be glorious, which I gathered from this statement in her above referenced blog post, “I don’t need Stumptown Beans or Café Grumpy mugs or foam art. On particularly desperate occasions, I have been known to tuck into even Folgers House Blend with considerable zeal.”

But, she does need coffee. And, I believe that’s the simple of it, for many coffee drinkers. In those times where a wake-up in the morning needs a partner in crime, coffee does it; when one is pummeling through a task and a pick-me up becomes necessary to help you go the distance, coffee does it or, when one wants something like the taste of friends chatting on fresh mown glass in the heart of summer, coffee does it.

Perhaps, where the Man Repeller and I differ, is that while she and I both write, and are bloggers, and are into fashion and style, my long haul with coffee goes beyond just having it as a beverage- it includes its cultural propensities. And, more than just a function, the culture of what coffee brews,  is part of my sartorial offering and what attracts me to people.

While the Man Repeller doesn’t need Stumptown I do, and Cafe Grumpy and many others like them.  So, where say, the price of coffee can reflect its specialty value, I think that it’s so cool that the Man Repeller invests in the value of a specialty juice. And, herein lies another one of our similarities – the enjoyment of something crafted, the little decadence thats worthy of  a special defense – coffee.

The day is coming, I hope, where we can easily spend $9 for well-crafted coffee as one would a pressed juice and not think twice about that indulgence. Am I ‘peaching to the choir?’  Perhaps, and its a topic worthy of an approachable sermon.  cde