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coffee has an interesting way of showing up in our cultural conversation. an exCerpt, of coffee and its collective appearance as a character in the every day.

via The Cut

via The Cut

 “Steamed breast milk…at a cafe.”

No, its not a menu item at a new, specialty café. It’s the idea of what The Cut imagines baby North would drink if she was at a café, in the West Village circa the 1950’s.

When I first read the snippet I laughed.

While kids in America aren’t known for necessarily drinking coffee at a young age as in other countries, they are inclined to wanting hot chocolate, milk, or a frothy milk themselves.

I’ve seen so many children come into the coffee shop with their parents with their regular order too – only its often steamed milk or a hot cocoa.

While milk is still a primary staple in a one-year-old’s diet, like baby North, I must say, coffee never outgrows it being a main ingredient to many a coffee drinkers life. I heard a recent stats that says on average 40% of Americans drink at least one coffee a day. I wonder how many take it with milk.  Milk has some nutritious properties depending on what kind you’re drinking. And, just as the benefits of breast milk provide more than basic nutrition – vitamins and nutrients – so does the aesthetics of milk to coffee.

So, while I’ll understandably pass on the steamed breast milk, I will take microfoam instead – and all the sartorial delights that it provides me, on the lower east side, in a little café where local artists art is suspended and we’re talking about it over cortados.  #cupUp

xoCo [hugs and coffee]