fashion.: These 4 Coffee Shop Sweatshirts Are Making Your At Home Style Cozy Chic

let’s get cozy

We are home alone and together.

We are outdoors, indoors, enclosed and distanced.

As we master being safer at home, the last thing that has to suffer is our style. Dressing our uncertainty and at times fear with habits that distract us, we free ourselves from boredom  cracking our new social code  with sartorial joy. Here’s a look at five coffee brands and their sweatshirts that are giving our home style a cozy cameo on the couch.

1. Tell your crew.


It’s not about coffee – all the time. It’s also about the comfy sweatshirt you’ll be wearing when the day begins to switch from dawn to sunrise and your ritual of making coffee begins. It’s about Dayglow Coffee’s comfy sweatshirt, that you’ll grab and pull over your casual hair as you lean back into a cushioned sofa while bingeing show seasons on your favorite streamer.  It’s about the comfy sweatshirt you’ll wear when you’re #saferathome and want to still look chic-chill while doing it.

Buy: The Dayglow Crewneck $60

2. All Day, Every Day


Apparel is not just about what you wear, it’s what you live. The threads that grace our form and limbs has become as much about aesthetics as a poster for the lifestyles that we enjoy. Day Dream Surf Shop, a coffee brand that hinged on the lifestyle of its community and this interested in the dreamier things in life, this navy cotton crew sweatshirt speaks to the surfers surrounding this Costa Mesa shop and those coming for pre-surf pulls and post surf warmth.

Buy: Hulls x Day Dream Surf Shop $75

3. Sleep in It


Quilted cotton never felt so good to sleep under or to pull over. With its signature name on the chest of this sweatshirt, Maison Kitsune offers a long, raglan sleeve fit as part of its branded apparel. The total cotton look comes in two colors and at 120 euros  is a sartorial investment easily paired with a café sourced from around the world in China, Korea, Japan, Paris and the U.S.

Buy: Sweatshirt Café Kitsuné x Masion Kitsuné €120

4. Take us to the back.


From the city along the Mississippi River in Tennessee enters Comeback Coffee. This brand gives us the feeling that wherever we are, if coffee leaves us it will, yes, come back: perhaps to haunt us, hopefully to remind us and definitely to comfort us. Blazing its name on the back of its sweatshirt above an eagle flying by the sun, there’s nothing but nature and freedom in the symbols of this comfy sweatshirt ready to stay a while in your rotation.

Buy Sweatshirt Comeback  x Comeback Coffee $35