fashion.: Day 1, AW 16: London Fashion Week, Sadie Williams, Felder Felder, Alice Archer, Steven Tai

power moves

All is fair in fashion in the future and the past perfect. London Fashion Week Day one has this culture excited with an ode to history and the future playing together as one familial sport. At least, thats what we feel. A look at what this culture is loving and where its going with it.



Red, white and blue present themselves so powerfully it’s as if the symbol forward designs are directing us not just to the future but structural aesthetics that are symbol of a resiliency beyond seams : for the sport of life.


Lift off!


imageGreen saves the day and the world. In a bold, fun, glam London rock mood, this first collection proposes a complex treaty for ethical fashion with a simple premise of sparkly things and juxtaposing patterns that has the culture thinking – ideas work best when their is unity in their difference  who says the future of fashion can’t be sustainable and beautifully ready-to-wear?




Is Alice asking us, how we want it? We think so with the proposal of placement in a room, : by the fireplace, near a window, along a mantle.


Each a call to light or lack of it and its effect on the grace of female form,  welcomes ladies not afraid to show some length arching at every indoor prop she can find come the latter part of autumn.



Fancy a full bloom! Be it in tea, proper table side or witching the adorned paper town of a room, Stevn Tai makes vintage cooler than it already is. It is more than tea time done according to high standards, this is a collection and courteous call to honor the symbiosis of leaders in culture – food and fashion.

Merging the two, each lean on another as Tai creates a scene that evokes memories of a place warm, familial and familiar : the place where we all began to first dress.

All images curated from Instagram.