fashion.: This Hoodie Wants To Travel With You and Help The Earth Too

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What’s in a hoodie?

via Coalatree Kickstarter

That’s a good question for the more than 3,600 people that have already backed “the world’s most sustainable, functional, and versatile hoodie, with over 20 features for travel and adventure,” as proclaimed by eco-minded Coalatree, a product company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

This is the brands’ sixth project listed to Kickstarter and this time it takes on recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles. The hoodie’s features include reinforced seams, thumb holes and a large zipper pouch which is ideal for organized travel and moments when your outdoor adventures need your hands to be hands-free. 

Perks of coffee being embedded in the fabric include its absorption and trapping of odor until it’s time to drop it in the wash. That’s a plus for the odor sensitive. Additionally, the “super soft” hoodie is a combination of discarded waste whose microscopic particles added to plastic from recycled bottles, minimizes it’s impact on the environment while one actively engages with it. 

I’m especially intrigued at how microscopic pores in coffee also increase the surface area of the hoodie allowing the material to breathe and dry twice as fast as others according to the video.

As of publishing time, there were a little less than two dozen of the early bird reward, which buys you an evolution hoodie delivered to you sometime this September, just in time for fall, if shipping to the United States. Other offers include multiple buys of the hoodie, varying color ways and if opting for Bundle four, it comes with coffee ground hiking socks. 

This sounds like a win-win for earth and the adventurer. 

To learn more and kickstart this visit here.