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Life is golden.

I like to think that film plays a big part in that statement. Many a times I’ve entered the theater already high on the idea of the experience before me, of just the act of going to the music. These days and the last couple of years of late, this golden time is heightened by how I see coffee as a culture play a role in film. While I’ve always had a keen sense as to how scenes play out in shorts to features to documentaries, it brings so much more joy to me too, to see action and characters unfold in the places where such moments happen every day in the reel of life.

In honor of tonights 72nd broadcast of the Golden Globes, which Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host and here are a few films nominated and some ‘coffee’ scenes of note. For a full list of nominees see here.


A film by Alejandro González Iñárritu’s, Birdman includes many coffee camoes. One includes Riggan played by Michael Keaton, and Mike played by Edward Norton enter a scene. Its a late night in Hollywood, but it doesn’t restricts the characters from searching for a late night cup of coffee while talking the business. Ever been there? See the clip below.


Selma Duvernay, director and first African American woman director ever nominated by the Golden Globes gives the viewing public ‘Selma.’ Tom Wilkinson playing President Lyndon B. Johnson pours coffee – check the stainless steel coffee equipment too – at the White House and speaks with Martin Luther King Jr.played by David Oyelowo on the nature of civil rights and the denial of the human right to vote.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Visuals are kin to filmmaker Wes Anderson. He brings them forward in this nominated effort with a brilliant treatment of hues in every scene. Enjoy the trailer below

The Imitation Game

With one nomination to its name, this film about Alan Turing played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who joins a team of intelligencers to crack an unbreakable code serves up countless moments of united thought during the pursuit of the possible. And, while in that pursuit coffee was transparent, elusive at times but often always near like in this clip. Catch the ensemble and the a little ceramic mug in action below.

Inherent Vice

In Paul Thomas Anderseon’s comedy-crime-drama feature, a detective “Doc” played by Joaquin Phoenix probes further into the disappearance of a former girlfriend amid the landscape of a 1970’s Los Angeles, spurned by drugs. In this clip survey of the film, catch doc with a cup of coffee and smoking a cig among other cameos on tables.

Enjoy the Globes!