film.: Grab Coffee, ‘Meet Joe Black’ is Back on Your Netflix.

I love coffee so much.

Where would you want to meet the potential one in your life. That is, if you believe that there such a one for you. Would it be in a supermarche, a bodega, or on local city transport? What about a coffee shop?

Meet Joe Black, the 1989 romantic fantasy film, helmed for the screen by Bo Goldman, and Kevin Wade, and directed by Martin Brest, contains a speculative plot of death, Joe  (Brad Pitt) taking a holiday with the heart of a fathers’ daughter (Claire Forlani)  before ultimately collecting tax in the form of the father’s life (Antony Hopkins).

As mentioned previously on this webzine, the coffee shop is an ecosystem of plot movement in the art of cinema. And so it is here in Meet Joe Black, which has been available on Netflix as of this December.

Whether  you’re visiting a coffee shop for your daily ritual, finding yourself traveling during the holiday season or arranging a first meet with a potential one, revisiting this sci-fantasy flick is warranted.

Now, if only I can find a coffee that is like peanut butter.