film.: Making History in Hollywood, La La Land.

hollywood dreams

The news is in! La La Land This cultures beloved specialty film has received 14 Oscar nominations, after winning all of its Golden Globes  Both leads have been nominated for best Actor/Actress in their roles, with the total nominations tying the film with the most Oscar nominations by a film along with Titanic and All About Eve.  This culture hears the music.

Below see see some of my favorite scenes from the comedy/musical in gifs.

Dancing on the freeway in the middle of the freeway in La La Land.


Going out on the town with your girls.

When you need your job but  it’s the bane of your white shirt being stained, right before what you hope is the callback of your future Hollywood career.

When the stars begin to align.

When being an artist is challenged with being an paid artist and kind of selling art on your dream.

When it looks like you can have the dream and the love of your life?

Love is tough but you’re working it out anyway. Surprise!

When you begin figuring it all out. Will it be a happy Hollywood ending?

Go see ‘La La Land!’