film.: Ten Nods to Coffee On The Screen from The 2018 Emmys.

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Real life is what television is made of. There’s comedy, drama and romance all tied up in the scenes that play out on networks, cable channels and streaming providers.

In honor of the 70th Emmys this year, this culture took a look at some of the nominated shows and selected some series that you should be watching well beyond the 12.5 ounces of copper, nickel silver and gold that comprises the statue.

ONE | Atlanta, FX.

Began September 6, 2016. Season 3 returns in 2019.

               Atlanta, FX, Season 2, Season 3 returns 2019

Atlanta, which takes in the actual city of Atlanta Georgia follows “two cousins navigating the Atlanta rap scene in an effort to improve their lives and the lives of their families.” In its two seasons, the coffee culture has been nil, nearly nonexistent. There aren’t any epic scenes happening in a coffee shop, or for that matter, over a cup of coffee. However, the culture did spot something that brought viewers as close to a cafe as we’ll get in its two seasons.

Let’s jump to Season 2, Episode Ten.

Have you heard of The Salty Dog Cafe? We hadn’t until we saw the name on the shirt of a said character, “wore twice this week.” And by the way The Salty Dog Cafe is real and exists and in South Carolina.

Emmy 2018 Wins: Guest Actor, Comedy Series, Katt Williams

TWO | Barry, HBO  

Began March 25, 2018.,  Season 2 Renewed April 12, 2018.

Barry stars Hader as the eponymous lead character, a Midwestern hitman who travels to Los Angeles to kill someone and then finds himself joining the local arts scene.

Barry, as a hit man who really doesn’t want to kill anyone else, finds himself among a community of people around him that want him to follow through on his ‘job’. Between starting a new life in L.A. taking acting classes and removing himself from his hit man life, there’s moments where coffee props up as a utility, often times on a table.

Check out this promo from Make The Unsafe Choice.


Emmy Wins 2018:  Lead Actor Comedy Series, Bill Hader, Supporting Actor Comedy Series, Henry Winkler

THREE | Black-ish, ABC.

Began Sept 24, 2014, Season 5 premieres October 16, 2018.

The single-camera comedy centers on an upper-middle-class African-American family.

In the Season Four opener of Black-ish, the Johnsons, led by father Bo, discuss the necessity or not of celebrating Juneteenth. The conversation happens at the dining room table as the matriarch of the family, Pops played by Laurence Fishburne holds the Metro-Daily and has a cup of coffee by his side. The kitchen, their dining room table make multiple cameos throughout this season with coffee as a sidekick to many conversations on what it is to be black-ish.

2018 Nominations: Comedy Series, Lead Actress in a Comedy, Lead Actor in a Comedy, Guest Actress

FOUR Glow, Netflix,

Began June 23, 2017. Renewed for Season 3 on August 20, 2017.


Glow, ss

This web series revolves around a fictionalization of the characters and gimmicks of the 1980s syndicated women’s professional wrestling circuit, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (or GLOW).

This season was full of expression,  resistance, dance, perms, mascara and wrestling.Catch this scene when the ladies are sitting around the TV screen, coffee cupped in hands, on knees and tables. This season was full of expression,  resistance, dance, perms, mascara and wrestling.


Nominations: Comedy Series, Supporting Actress Comedy, Casting for a Comedy Series, Cinematography- Single Camera.

FIVE  Silicon Valley. HBO

The series focuses on five young men who start a startup company in Silicon Valley.

Began April 6, 2014.Renewed for a Sixth season on April 12, 2018. 

Silicon Valley, ss

This clip shows coffee cups at work desks, coffee brewers in the kitchen and a Drink Coffee, Hail Satan’, on a shirt. All of this coffee, in one scene of Silicon Valley leads to when Monica brings over coffee and Gilfoyle spikes it with his liquor and then confesses ‘I like you.’  Ahhh, did that really happen because someone needs a drink.

Emmy Nominations 2018: Comedy Series, Supporting Actress Comedy, Casting for a Comedy Series

SIX The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel  Amazon Prime Video,

Began November 29, 2017. Season 3 Renewed May 20, 2018

It’s the late 1950s and Miriam “Midge” Maisel has everything she has ever wanted — the perfect husband, two kids and an elegant apartment on New York’s Upper West Side. Her seemingly idyllic life takes a surprising turn when she discovers a hidden talent she didn’t previously know she had — stand-up comedy.

The culture is very happel with this Amazon Prime show where coffee shows up a lot and it’s marvelous. It is well known that coffee is a big part of Mrs. Maisel’s character and dialogue.

Enter the scene where she gives a speech at her wedding while guests sit at garden color settings listening and drinking coffee with cake.

Emmy Wins 2018: Supporting Actress Comedy – Alex Borstein, Comedy Series, Comedy Series, Lead Actress in a Comedy Series – Rachel Brosnahan, Casting for a Comedy Series

SEVEN Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix

Four Seasons. Final season airs January 25, 2019.

Rescued after 15 years in a cult, Kimmy Schmidt decides to reclaim her life by venturing to New York, where she experiences everyday life with wide-eyed enthusiasm.

In the ‘Little Girl Big City’ episode, Kimmy picks up a Anthem Greek coffee cup from a homeless man on the street, only to find herself drinking fake money and there’s the age old coffee pot with a pot of coffee in the office that’s waiting for some one to ‘water cooler’ it.  Here’s a look at Season 4. 


Emmy Nominations: Comedy Series, Supporting Actor – Comedy

Eight Stranger Things, Netflix

Began July 15, 2016, Season 3 to return in 2019

Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, who lives in a small Indiana town in 1983 — inspired by a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences. When Joyce’s 12-year-old son, Will, goes missing, she launches a terrifying investigation into his disappearance with local authorities. As they search for answers, they unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl.

In Season 2, Episode 6: The Spy, Bob and Joyce hold coffee cups while Joyce fills bob in on the reality of Will’s condition in relationship to the spy.

Emmy Nominations: Supporting Actress Drama, Drama Series, Supporting Actor -Drama, Casting for

NINE. The Americans, FX Networks

Six Seasons, Ended May 30, 2018

Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are two KGB spies in an arranged marriage who are posing as Americans in suburban Washington, D.C., shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected president.

Cue the coffee mug on the living room table. Cue the coffee mugs in the rear of Paige as she talks to her dad Phillip about their roles as spies.

Emmy Wins 2018: Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Nominations: Drama Series, Lead Actress in a Drama Series


TEN. The Crown, Netflix

Began November 4, 2016, Renewed for Season 3 – released in 2019 – and Season 4.

The Crown,

The monarchy remains the title character, led by Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown.  As the new Queen and her family learn how to deal with royalty and what it demands, conversations, agreements and even love occurs over tables of tea and coffee. A deep dive into Prince Phillip’s character holds the audience captive, as it governs its own thoughts and feelings around the crown and his quest for place, position and respect.

Wins: Lead Actress in a Drama Series – Claire Foy, Casting for a Drama Series, Supporting Actress Drama, Drama Series, Supporting Actress – Drama, Guest Actor – Drama Series.