film.: This Is Us, Six Scenes Where Coffee Is Us, ‘The Brothers’

this is coffee

Scene: The Kitchen

still, This Is Us

Randall pours a cup of black coffee in the kitchen as his brother Kevin invites to a fundraiser. When Deja – a foster child – who has a crush on Kevin asks to attend, Kevin and Randall oblige although Beth, his wife questions if she’s ready.  In light of Deja’s recent hair chop, preceded by informing it happens because of stress, the event sets the stage for Randall to connect with her emotionally.  A lot can happen at a kitchen counter.

Scene: The Office

Kate appears a Toby’s job as Toby is in full work force, wearing a green with white flowers patterning it. He hold a white mug with Mr. T, – a character from the 1980’s show A-Team – as Kate asks to see him in his office. He thinks its a conjugal visit and apparently these are allowed as he clears his desk, only to find out that what Kate wants to say is “I’m pregnant.”

This is followed by Kate relaying her fears of carrying a full term and healthy baby, which means Toby can’t share the news or his own hopes connected to fatherhood.

It is surely a moment to be remembered in the office, prefaced by a cup coffee,  in a mug, that signals Toby and Kate are in for some real adventure – a baby. Despite Kate’s fear, what a great team the pair will make, don’t you think?

Scene: Gone Fishing… Almost



A cafe with red letters. A blue and white Maxwell Tin Can. Fishing Worms.

Jack and his father are on a fishing trip and are after trout. While in route, Jack’s father says, “he’s thirsty,” and makes a stop to a tavern and bait shop. Ultimately, Jack’s father leaves  Jack and his younger brother to wait for him in the car while he drinks their father-son time away. Jack and his younger brother spend time with a Maxwell house coffee tin, squirming worms and the hope that their father will return.


What a foil Jack is for kind of father his dad wasn’t – setting viewers up for why Jack takes parenting and the brother relationship between his sons so seriously.

Scene: The Support Group

Check out the coffee decanter’s servicing the drip coffee that is in the hands of Kate’s support group. It is to this backdrop that Kate chews out Madison for a confessional about vaping.

Kate’s outbursts leads to a shouting match in the parking lot and a fender bender by Kate which sends her into a confession that she’s pregnant. She finally tells someone other than Toby and in a story twist, it’s a person she loathes. How’s that for cooling off a steamy relationship.


Scene: The Fundraiser

Kevin is struggling with pain and prescription medication. He makes multiple attempt to reach a doctor that can refill his subscription. On his last attempt, he finds himself in the hallway of the building the fundraiser is in attempting to negotiate a refill and missing his cameo at the fundraiser for his girlfriend Sophie.

Here at the ornate tables that held bidders, dinner and coffee he’s left to face Sophie and apologize, chalking up his behavior to lack of sleep. While he retires from her presence, how long will Kevin be able to escape the eventual truth that the pain is leading him down a darker path.

Scene: The Coffee Shop


The Coffee Shop

Kate takes Toby to a coffee shop where, while still controlling who Toby can share their pregnancy news with, allows him to share their pregnancy to a room full of strangers. After he convinces a barista to play his favorite song, viewers learn that his full name is Tobias, his favorite song is ‘Still In Love With You’ by American Alt Rock Band, Hootie in the Blowfish.

Tobias soaks up the opportunity by hugging the barista, dancing around one of the store’s poles and pouring a bucket of chilled water over him. How’s that for telling everyone you don’t know you’re going to be a father? And hows that for coffee culture, where a barista takes an iPhone music request?

While a coffee cup is a prop, this episode reveals its a much a tool, facilitating the scenes and setups of some very real human emotions and storylines that aren’t just lines of a script but takes from real life, even our own.