Five Coffee Shops Enabling Community Supported Agriculture To Thrive in LA

the CSA continues

On the evening of March 15th, Los Angeles dine-in establishments including bars, restaurants were forced to close by the order of Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, unless operating as take out and take away businesses.

On March 19th California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide stay home order for the state which he governs: California.

A little over three weeks in to these initial and subsequent changes to the fabric of social and commercial life, small businesses which make up half the economic prowess of the United States are creating ways to reinvent their business models, survive despite a dramatic downturn in their ability to generate business and by extension a livelihood for themselves and their employees.

The Coffeetographer has written about these developments and how specialty coffee culture has been affected, rebounded and the ways we as consumers at large can support some of the best roasters in the state of California.

Specialty coffee culture continues to be a culture that like-minded businesses can lean on, as coffee shops become more to communities than what they once were. Historically, CSA’s – community supported agriculture—enables individuals to purchase local and seasonal food from farmers directly. One such California CSA, County Line Harvest felt the blow of Covid-19’s impact. Founded in 2000, by David Retsky, its website shares that its Petaluma farm has grown from a modest beginning of six acres to 30, growing specialty produce.  The Thermal farm is 120 acres of the same, which includes lettuces, greens and baby root vegetables.  According to some updates on coffee shop accounts  that are a pickup location, its business was severely impacted by the pandemic as deliveries were cut.

As many coffee shops have closed their doors to indoor seating and transitioned to curbside and takeout deliveries, they’ve become an alternative resource for essential and seasonal food basics.  Additionally, with the need to participate in social distancing, shopping at smaller scale markets where contactless pay options are now the standard and simplified pickup services enabled, such adjustments help in the fight to flatten COVID-19’s curve, while economically supporting communities near and farther.

Here’s a look at a five California coffee shops in partnership with County Line Harvest and how you can find their boxes almost any day of the week, while also grabbing that special cup or jug of coffee.

1. Tuesday

Neighborhood, Los Angeles

In response to the pandemic, Neighborhood, a coffee shop on the La Brea thoroughfare in Mid-City, created a drive-through market in its back alley. Its once a week delivery includes organic veggie boxes available by contactless curbside pickup. Instagram


Full Service Coffee Co, Los Angeles

The small coffee service stop doesn’t let space or size inhibit them. It’s a drive through coffee shop, one stop bodega and plant powered milk café that’s also a CSA stop with produce boxes by County Line Harvest. That’s full service! Instagram

3.Tuesday + Friday

Eightfold Coffee, Echo Park, LA

This Echo Park stable is a beauty for its all-around interior design where well-sourced coffee and teas from abroad are its signature features. In addition to pantry items that include stay at home essentials like P.F Candle Co scents, it’s also a host for Country Line Harvest.  Order a box and a batch of cold brew to go. Instagram

4. Thursday-Sunday

Colossus Bread, San Pedro

The San Pedro bread, pastry and coffee shop continues its CSA Boxes program but as delivery only.  Orders can include its signature breads and if you’re ordering a brunch package a bag of Lord Windsor coffee beans is included. Note: A minimum of three days’ notice is needed for processing. Instagram

5. Friday-Sunday

Coffee Commissary, All Locations

The Coffee and Bakery brand is also walking the County Harvest Line, providing its CSA boxes across its three locations –Glendale, Burbank and Fairfax–providing the CSA’s boxes while supplies last. Oblige yourself of its multi-roaster coffee options by buying a bag for home or a coffee for take-out.  . Instagram