Five Reasons You Should Visit The Art +Caffeine Faema PopUp

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cappuccino, Faema PopUp

I visited the Faema Art and Caffeine PopUp currently occurring on the Lower East Side in New York.   I’ve long been a fan of these machines, they’ve always illuminated bright like a neon.  I’m sharing takeaways from my visit along with five good reasons you should pop in before it closes down.

1. The rotating menu of coffee roasters – four on espresso and six on filter weekly – changing every Monday means an exploration of coffee from multiple roasts of view.

Roasters that you might have as yet to taste in the context of standard coffee drinks align with a specialty coffee cocktail menu that is quite stellar.

2. There is a communal table and a sitting lounge which means you have ample space to linger, ask questions and learn more about the Italian brand and itts impact on contemporary coffee culture. Check out the merch rack where a book on the history of Faema and it’s machine is for purchase  

3 There is art history. In addition to two prints in the space – one of a vintage Faema, and another of a framed blueprint of the backside of a four- group head Faema – there framed posters on the south wall of the space. More than colorful decoration, it’s an artful way to show the progression of Faema’s machines including the introduction of the lever and hydraulic pump which revolutionized the accessibility of coffee to the world.  

Faema E61

4. In a corner near a street window, the E61 is put on a pedestal literally and as it should be,  given how it has singly changed coffee culture. Go to see it here as a relic of the past and an icon in the now.

affogato, Coffee Project Rainbow Blend / Coffee Project NY x OddFellows Lemon Chamomile Salted Sunflower

5. The signature drink menu. A visit to the Faema pop-up shop is a specialized experience where you can try more than the average list of drinks. The menu is a draw, pulling you to explore beyond your comfort zone. While standard drinks are available including tea options, by choosing a signature drink, like an affogato as I did, you now have one of the worlds’ best machines to create a unique experience for you.

Coffee, in all its intricate processes is the art of science. We can all do ourselves a favor and enjoy adding being part of the cultural equation.