food.: Bowling With a Cortado, StoneFruit Espresso and Kitchen


This is one of the first meals that I had this brought life back into my body after being viciously sick It’s amazing how food that is alive can reinvigorate the body and the mind.

My extended Aunt and Uncle were visiting New York and it took everything in me to get out of bed, get on a one-way bus that would ultimately open it’s door at the push of the yellow tape across the street from this cafe/kitchen/flower shop and communal space. And yes, in that front to back of house of order.

I asked the gent as I ordered, if this granola was good for someone coming back to health and you know what he said;

a list of ingredients that had me say Yes. The bowl came so pretty and played that I wanted to put it on the textured floor and I did, and eat it right there – I didn’t – among green wood stacked chairs, pillow cushions and the days’ The New York Times.

I know, I know, I can’t eat on the floor, at least not one that dozens of people are walking on. But, with the energy of this space, warmed by plants and people I sure wanted to.

This bowl and my soy cortado in a warm glass felt like a throw was being wrapped around the diverging points of my shoulders : cozy, welcoming and lush. I feel a space should be like that, I believe this space is that.


Stonefruit Espresso and Kitchen
1058 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY