food.: Nine Twitter Accounts to Follow during SCA 2017

a special lot


The people have descended! Seattle, the host city for this years Re:Co Symposium, Specialty Coffee Expo and U.S. Barista competitions. With the people, come hundreds of coffee brands toting ideas, thoughts, products, processes and cultural sermons in the form of barista routines set to coffee and music.  Whether you’re in SEattle or watching from afar here are the Twitter accounts to follow and watch. I am!


1. Specialty Coffee Association

A recently joined body – the former Governing Bodies of Specialty Coffee Association America SCAA and Specialty Coffee Association in Europe SCAE, joined together in 2016 – in the effort of “giving a voice to the coffee wall,” as succinctly pennedin their Twitter bio.
The annual Expo produced by SCA brings hundreds of vendors to a united floor, a worldwide circle of sharing,stimulation and selling on all things coffee and coffee culture.
2. Re:Co


It’s like Coffee on a TED stage

Defining itself as a  symposium fostering collaboration, research and understanding in coffee the two-day event, which precedes the Expo is an eight hour day by two, of coffee talks -strategy, investment, conversations-, coffee breaks, coffee lounges and coffee salons. It is sure to be fully vested with data driven presentations with an emphasis on how the industry can become better at ensuring the state of specialty and its future.

The digital event guide is here.

3. National Coffee Association

[email protected]

Based in New York and covering the fifty states of America whose population is roughly 318 million and counting, this association covers coffee “from seed to cup.” Featuring news, research topics, membership driven services, industry data, forums and conventions from around the world it truly holds up to its mission while going globally beyond it. #NCACoffee17

4. Daily Coffee News

Follow @dailycoffeenews

It is what it’s name speaks. A daily source of coffee news, this online publishes holds space for news from every part of the specialty spectrum : research, openings, thought leadership, and sustainability.

It’s twitter feed is a consortium of its own coverage of the industry as well as daily news shares geared towards coffee professionals but good for even the enthusiast who chooses to be well-informed.

5. Barista Magazine

[email protected]

Baristas have a voice. One of its mouthpieces is the long standing Barista Magazine which since 2005 has elucidated humans and their craft. Available in print for and by a digital website Barista Magazine champions all things, all events all culture,revolving around baristi worldwide.
It’s twitter feed leads to links on its reportage of the industry with a focus on baristas in shops, baristas at origin, baristas turned owners and those humanswho hold multiple roles within specialty where being a barista is one among many.

6. Little Black Coffee Cup


The cup is little the mission is big. Stories of coffee and sustainability. The Little Black Coffee Cup traverses Canada, The States and recently Bahamas telling stories of coffee from the point of view of the cafe, recipes – things that go with coffee – and stories of those influencing the story of contemporary culture.

She’s a woman. She’s a writer. She’s a barista. She’s a minimalist. She’s a panel organizer this year. She’s a force. And, she’s one of the first real friends in coffee I found as trusted.


7. The Chocolate Barista


With a handle like this and a voice like hers – blackness, intersectionality, micro aggression, respect, black girl
magic, racial diversity -she stole my heart and much of the industry for her candor and frankness upon competing at a barista competition.

She’s all woman, all passion and all heart. From her well written and intentioned prose, twitter commentary on everything from daily anxieties, managing a life and a professional barista life to navigating her own voice in a very non-chocolate driven specialty coffee world, she’s fired up around all the right things.

8. Jenn Chen


She loves coffee. Like, really loves coffee. Whether behind the scenes as a writer, marketer, photographer or, in front of the industry with thoughts on women-in-coffee, she is a recognizable face and voice in the industry whose unapologetic about her influence and views on the socialization of specialty coffee and it’s impact on consumers.

Her shares are insightful, thought provoking and entirely her own. And, her name just happens to rhyme, which I have always loved along with her smile which is much needed in an industry that can sometimes take itself too seriously. She’s the one to book for a coffee and donuts date.


9. Peter Giuliano

A man. A barista.  A coffee leader.  For all Of theabove and for an astute mind with a penchant for quality tweets and an affinity for science, research and sustainability,he’s afoow that is worth its weight in updates.