A Fresh Start, 2017

fresh start

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Its official! A new year has turned our calendar to 2017. Despite how one chooses to acknowledge this passing or advancing of time, one fact remains –  time doesn’t stand still. It’s always moving, advancing forward. Yet, time doesn’t forget what’s behind, its always building on what it’s done. This is how I’d like to look at 2017 and the forward movement of this space. Will there be new things here? Yes! Will there be new ideas presented? But, of course! Will there be new content based upon decisions to evolve this space? Yes. So, we’ve gotten that straight, a lot of yes, yes yes.

Since time delivers an opportunity, all the time, for us to be new, in each moment and the next and the next, so its my decision to feel like a fresh start doesn’t just happen at the end or beginning of an interval of time.  Instead, as soon as  the thought is formed I believe all the universe conspires to bring that newness to you which will be the motivating energy for what happens on The Coffeetographer, this 2017.

When I was a kid, a new morning often started with a cup of OJ. As I’ve gotten older, that beverage has changed to coffee. Both handmade, hand created and rich in color. My fresh start as of the last few days is happening on a French Press, which I recently bought because I realized it would be fun to have a new tool – and to make more fresh coffee at home. No new year’s resolution just a nudge of something more that I wanted to do. A nudge also facilitated by a pound of beans from Addis Ababa being gifted to me over the holidays, which tasted amazing on a family French Press. I had to have my own. So, how about that? Here’s to all the little moments, the hunches that come that we’ll follow. Here’s to taking plunges!