The Gift of Gifting Specialty Coffee

Annual Greetings

Good coffee is always in season and having it can never got out of style.

A recent statistic tweeted by Project Latte, noted in a tweet, “Sad: Desperate Shoppers Will Buy 2 Million Starbucks Gift Cards for Christmas.”

While I won’t be buying such a gift card – no shade –  here’s a few alternatives for those seeking to buy coffee gift cards tonight or any day of the year.

1. Saint Frank Coffee | San Francisco


One shouldn’t assume that the idea of a gift card is ordinary. Not when you can purchase one from the folks hailing “extraordinary coffee.” Step inside the space and you’re bound to gift yourself as well, with story, experience and a craft well sold. Buy one in store or order online here in the increment of $25.

2. Ninth Street Espresso | East Village + Beyond



Ordering coffee is rather simple here. Just decide what size you want and you’re going to get coffee and milk, if the latter is what you prefer with it. Since, 2001, Ninth Street Espresso has used simplicity to perfect the deliverance of a complex fruit, whichdoesn’t need the fuss of much else. With four shops – and counting I’m sure, the New York based coffee shops provide all the cultural amenities on a regular – art, music and great people watching, just shoot a location and, a gift certificate.


3. Stumptown Coffee | Portland and the U.S.

via Stumptown

via Stumptown


Because they do things like whip up fresh cream for off menu items con panna, have living greens canvassed in their shops and provide the most delightful tomes and zines to accompany equally crafted coffee. With a tradition in relationship coffees, I can’t think of a better big indie than this brand to inspire someone to have a specialty experience. For online certificates and usage order here in any amount you wish. For in store cards call this number if a retail location isn’t near you.

4. Toms | Venice, CA + Austin, Texas

via Toms

via Toms

The apparel and coffee retailers one-for-one mission since inception makes supporting the brand easy on the wallet. With purchases having the ability to directly effect the benefit of others, while said consumer enjoys something of its own, I like the model – one for one.

5. Intelligentsia | LA, Chicago, NY
via Intelligentsia

via Intelligentsia


Where cool meets smarts. Long a brand known for its coffee, single origin offerings and interior design inspiring many and raising the bar – pun intended – on the specialty coffee experience, its brand of coffee shops and experience is still one to behold. Whether you’re coming for a solitary trip or hanging in one of its outdoor monochromatic spaces with friends, that is the gift: great coffee in great company. Available increments start at $10 a card, order here. 

 6. St. Ali | Melbourne

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.00.36 AM

This space is on one of my top lists to visit when I travel to London. So, if someone gifted me a card here, I know I’d surely make the trip. Founded in 2003, they are a story and a independent legend within the specialty coffee scene. Opened every day of the year, you can always find them ready to service. Gift cards available in increments beginning at 25, you can preorder here. 

However and whenever you gift, remember, the thoughts go much beyond a season.

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