Coffee opinions for the Guardian

AScreen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.17.59 PMA few years ago, before I started this site, I read a lot of opinions on coffee, many of them about the specialty aspects of it. But, I often felt there was more to say especially in regards to the culture of it. And, with each of us as individuals having thoughts and opinions that are a dime a billion, there is always more to say about everything?

However, when The Guardian asked me to write an opinion on the latest foray by ‘that green lady’ into specialty coffee, I thought it an honor to give a voice in such a prestigious space by formulating thoughts about coffee and the indie culture that is a major part of one of the worlds largest industry.

As I did a few years ago and still do today, enjoy reading the words of other, I’m happy to be able to now be among those I read on  Twitter, blogs, and other social sharing platforms that show what this special coffee culture of ours is doing. The revolution is taste and here’s to it!

See the article here. And, let me know your thoughts if you’re inclined. xoCo