Happy Four!



Hello Lovelies,


I’ve been drifting on memories lately. Anniversaries can do that. And, today is the anniversary of this space, a feeling for an idea that began more than four years ago, but birthed digitally in 2011.

I’ve only known what I felt. Since all feelings are preceded by thoughts. The ideas of culture expressed and inspired through specialty coffee has been this space’s specific consumption and remains so.

I remember being in a corporate cubicle thinking of how to capture the wide world of a culture I knew existed, that I lived in but I didn’t see documented in the way that I cared about it. Isn’t that how most projects founded on a missing gap, a lot of love and passion begin?

Four years later, our world, this culture and specialty coffee is an interesting place. Culture is an increasing conduit for storytelling, for creating work that first matters to you, work that wakes you up in the middle of the night, that pauses you in the shower, that rushes you into a place of getting it down, that touches a place that you cant even touch. I’ve just described what keeps me here, what keeps us all there, in those spaces of intimate creation. Coffee is being created and stylized in more spaces, venues and coffee shops than every before. It still needs a voice, our voices.

Our roads are not easy, their is opposition, there is jealousy, there is unprofessionalism, there are unseen walls – all of it exists to remind us that these established places of uncouth energy are just that. The work is bigger, coffee is bigger, the culture is bigger; let’s not be pacified, I am not pacified.

The Coffeetographer is me and yet also all of us. What’s next? That answer is easy; what’s next is what is. What is, is the duty of The Coffeetographer to exist as the revolution its intentioned to be – of telling stories of culture through coffee and its people, an economy of connection. Year Four is our lovely and welcomed ride of uncomfortableness for that is where change happens and inspires. Hop in – we’re in a VW, Thomas Newman is on, and the coffee is warm. Let’s Celebrate.


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