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eva chen, coffee street style

Its National Coffee Day!

What does that mean?

Nationally, it means that coffee gets a day of its own. Locally, right here at smdlr hq, it means, that smdlr goes out on another wonderful day and does what smdlr would do on any other day: get coffee, have random [but not random] conversations, hear music, create art, photograph people, capture style, you know, all that wonderful, wonderful cultural stuff.

However, today, smdlr will do what it doesn’t get to do as often. smdlr will stop and have its own created drink at a local spot, smdlr will brunch in the interest of experiencing restaurant coffee, because it can’t be that bad, right?!, and smdlr will try something new, as in coffee. These three things; something created, something new and something untried but hopefully true, is what will make National Coffee Day a little extra culturally exciting.

smdlr encourages you to celebrate the national by going local. Is there a new coffee shop that has opened up in your neighborhood, why not visit? Is there a coffee shop with great art, why not stop in a little longer today and enjoy it? Do you have a standard, regular coffee order, why not try something different, perhaps allow your barista to guide you to a wonderful new experience? If you see someone interesting, why not introduce yourself and have a conversation, just because?

However you choose, to recognize this day, have fun. I’ll be using the hashtag #cupUp on Twitter and Instagram, if you will, you can too so I can celebrate with you. cde

p.s. I do have one National Coffee Day wish, that I’ll hear Lenny Kravitz’ “I Belong to You [Coffee]” playing in a space today. A girl can dream, right. #cupUP

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