photo essay:. Old Things, New Places, Hermosa Beach

away, lets beach

 There’s more than waves that meet the eye in the beach town of Hermosa. With its earliest beginnings in 1784, its come a long beach front way. Architectural lines that are squares and rectangles stack like layers of cake. Walls white, so white pierce a pier of ever sprawling people. Locals. Old things are in new places.

Scapegoat Coffee is building upon what this town was once  founded upon, “rolling hills covered with fields of grain, mostly barley.” Declares its co-owner, “I just want to be the reason for your new coffee habit.”

Your escape here is where surf films rides on projected white paint. Minimalist racks of Stumptown Coffee delivered fresh weekly is brewed and on tap. Heath Ceramics hold your allegiance to cuddling your cup and charming conversation comes from behind the bar into the open space that traps daylight and sounds from the pier.

As windows are the eyes to the soul, in this beach town along a coast of many, everyone is looking out of a window. Let there be light, waves of it.

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