hopper 012918, The Three Quarter of a Million Dollar Gift, The Festival Named After a Verb, and The Fifth Roaster to Tackle Bryant Park.

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Great White, Venice California

A magazine known for showing you the most beautiful interiors of rooms in homes makes a list of the most beautiful coffee shops in the country. Instagrammers rev up your filters. Airlines get ready to take the culture up, up and away.

A new coffee convention in North Carolina takes its name after a main verb that every barista must do: Pour. Happening March 3rd, dive in here.  #pourcoffeefest

In a move to forward coffee science, La Marzocco pledges the largest sum of dollars to date – three quarter of a million dollars – to UC Davis’ Coffee research center building infrastructure for its center and research. It’s a first of its kind in the world. Drop in on a class or two, the culture might.

New coffee shops happen all year around, and Bryant Park already home to a circumference of specialty coffee shops: Blue Bottle, La Colombe, Joe Coffee Allegro Coffee Roasters x Whole Foods is getting a fifth this spring: City of Saints Coffee Roasters. This is a bold move and I love it.

New York roaster Parlor Coffee is supplying coffee to Goop – a lifestyle site and shop. A look at the packaging and you’ll see that the former design is no longer and is officially gone vintage. A new line of boxed coffee rolled out last week, marking their readily identifiable, coffee pattern and package now a coveted piece of design coffee culture if there ever was one. The new packaging is more pro-environment and completely recyclable. Its inside bag is from an entirely renewable resource – sugarcane-based polyethylene.