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  1. Kaldi’s Coffee wants you to follow the goat to their new store opening in #STL.
  2. It’s year three of the La Marzocco Roasters in Residence. Look and see who’ll be in the twenty roasters taking over its hoppers from May 2018 to February 2020.  Seattle
  3. Los Angeles based roaster Take Flight is flying with the video sharing service YouTube in its LA space. Featuring Colombia and Ethiopia looked for the red label which is also the name of the collaboration.
  4. Coachella is coming and you betcha there’s gonna be specialty coffee and cold brew via Go Get Em Tiger at Indio Central Market and Refreshment Pods throughout the grounds.
  5. Making downtown moves, Devocion comes to Brooklyn with its newest café on Livingston Street. Have a look at its floors will ya? Brooklyn
  6. How about a limestone coffee table by Ryan Korban.
  7. Its a symposium. Its special. And, about coffee, in Seattle.