hopper, 04262017, Paris, Portland, Ireland, New York, Barcelona


6:24:18 PM


White Noise Coffee Co.

1. These new boots were made for coffee. Boot Cafe St Germain opens in Paris. Tokyo to come. Start drifting.

2. It’s an acronym! Sound likes a train. Is a long distance relationship. A new coffee  collaboration reads 50/50 cascara tea and  cold brew.  LDR x Stumptown + Slingshot, Portland

3. Coffee’s got a brand new book. From the man who started with a coffee cart in a nightclub lobby, comes what “he knows about running coffee shops.” Colin Harmon, Ireland

4. The coffee shop helps her do it. A screenwriter goes to the coffee shop to let the adrenaline of writing take over. In this case it takes over all the way to a spot in the TriBeCa Film Festival. One Percent More Humid

5. It’s not nap time yet. The Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival returns to Barcelona for its second year. And if it’s Instagram grid has anything to say about it, it’s that specialty coffee’s enthusiasm isn’t on a siesta here.