hopper.: 051118, Red Bay Coffee’s Less Slavery Coffee Module, A Coffee Puppy Courtyard, Straws in Question, A Little Red Coffee House to Close.

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Peonies cafe has opened Peonies Studios where you can smell coffee and smell flowers while making the flowers. Paris

Don’t be a coffee kill joy, says this illustration literally.  

Founded in 2010 and still kicking ‘new new’ in 2018, Réveille has a new house on Hearst. San Francisco

Dog lovers unite. This coffee shop has a puppy courtyard out back. Melbourne

The community staple, Chango, perched on the bottom slope of a Los closed it’s doors. Los Angeles

Drift magazine San Francisco is here. The culture can’t decide what’s more exciting, to pre-order or the the view of the cover grid.  Nationwide

Straws are making headlines.  New York

Given a month to leave, a little red coffee house in Redlands, standing for more than coffee but community is facing a bad wolf. California

Red bag coffee in is Mercury News, “It’s a $50 billion per year industry, and people who are sort of descendants of those coffee origin countries unfortunately play a very small role in most of that economy.” Oakland

This statement from the woman Phyllis Johnson who chose coffee, is lit.