hopper.: 072017, A Boil in Boyle Heights, Cold Brew Blooms and Prosper, Panama on the $600/a lb Map.


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hopper, a  section to The Coffeetographer to specifically categorize ‘of the moment, in the moment’ things moving and shaping specialty coffee culture.

1. It was Ethiopia – Geisha then Mexico and now Panama, again, garnering the big bucks in the Best of Panama Auction Esmeralda sells in auction for $600.oo a pound.  Who’s paying the bill?

Esmeralda Geisha, Panama

That’s some serious pound-age.

2. There’s a coffee picket line, so it seems. Whose on it, who is crossing it and what should you know about what’s boiling in Boyle Heights. 

3. What will save your cold coffee soul. Bloomberg wrote about cold coffee, cold brew, ready-to-drink, two years ago this July. It spoke about coffee within the RTD category and how it was a booming business. Two years later, this July there’s another summer blockbuster article on cold brew and its saving power.  The market for cold coffee is up eighty percent, according to this reportage, so we should expect seasonal reports like this, right.

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