hopper.: a corner in Hue Vietnam, Rockaway Beach’s Greenhouse Cafe, Saudi Arabia’s coffee trees.


1. rock-a-way baby || Beach adjacent and on the street-level of the artsy The Rockaway Hotel is the newly opened Greenhouse Cafe, a coffee greenhouse led by locals and fueled by Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters and a host of in-state purveyors. Whether coming from around a bungalow nearby, on the ferry from another borough or as an out of towner, the community, culture and coffee curated within its sustainable mission is a WHOLE moment: for anyone coming through its doors.

2. trees of life || “Saudi Arabia the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture planted an additional 250,000 coffee trees over the past three years. Additionally, agreement has been reached with the International Fund for Agricultural Development to include coffee cultivation within the fund’s work in the Kingdom. The ministry said a project will be launched in the Coffee Development City in Baha region that includes the planting of more than 300,000 trees, the development of an integrated coffee factory to handle sorting, processing, roasting and packaging, and the creation of the largest coffee exhibition in the Kingdom.” Arab News

3. fist bump  \\ A power fist, a bouquet of roses and specialty coffee all mixed up in the bag of culture is coming at residents in Los Angeles’ Filipino Town and beyond with Bloom and Plume rising to its heritage occasion adding merch that speaks to championing the power of its roots. Yes, we’re talking about the expanded colors for their neighborhood tee.  Cop it.

4. hey Hola hey!  \\  Independent print magazine, Solo Magazine has released its sixth issue. The paper project embraces the blooming of a season and the joys of exploring coffee subjects like bean transparency, plant-based milk recipes, and a love story between coffee and wine. Enjoy its original photography and illustrations with a purchase from its online store along with a sample of coffee from featured roaster Hola Coffee Roasters. 

5. shining  \\ Well-known in the community of specialty coffee from L.A. to San Diego, Frank La, co-founder of Be Bright Coffee, along with his wife Michelle, bring their “coffee made simple” program to  Smorgasburg L.A which returned July 4th. Find them and their coffee there throughout the summer

6. double the bloom  \\ To stop and smell the coffee blooms is one thing. To also stop and smell the floral blooms is another. There’s a sandy pink flower truck by the name of Lenita by Grita taking to the streets of Los Angeles, serving up petals at coffee shops and lifestyle platforms. From Culver City to the Arts District, and to Glassell Park you can find the parked four-wheeler and a coffee nearby too. Catch it this weekend at Little Ripper and throughout the month at its posted schedule on Instagram.   

7. corner seat ||  Given the state of travel in the world – limited – and an individual’s comfort level – impacted by vaccines and variants – I thought I’d share a read that transports us to another country and another coffee shop through the printed word and beautiful images. Enjoy this profile of Tiam Coffee Shop and Home in Dwell Magazine. The dual space sits on a corner, four stories high with transparent views on each level while still enabling privacy for housed family above. Let’s imagine ourselves here, I know I am, sipping on something refreshing in the middle of our hot summer.