hopper.: A Minor Figure Wants to Play Big in California, Mexico’s Coffee Podcast and True Detective Discovers Criminals with Coffee.

13:38:07 p.m.

l to r, HBO, Jason Lloyd-Evans, Minor Figures, Radio Roasters

  1. A Good Food finalist, Radio Roasters, opens a new coffee shop and they want you to say come by and give then a Southern hi. Decatur, Georgia 
  2. Coffee in a private context can look like this: taste a nano-lot coffee, take a boxed Gesha of it to go home and pair  tit with a scientists’ jasmine papaya custard.  Chinatown, Los Angeles
  3. The coffee company of baristas, by baristas, has made it to the sunshine state of palm trees, avocados and coastline bound surfboards. Soak in its oats. California, United States
  4. A step in the right direction enabling coffee professionals and consumers to understand where coffee grows, how and has been taken with Cafe Imports and their latest World Specialty Coffee Maps. Three such maps; a harvest chart, a coffee variety  family tree, and coffee producing countries. Minneapolis, USA 
  5. I speak decent Spanish but better coffee. This podcast out of Mexico is rich and both, a primer and an opportunity to practice Spanish while drinking the heart of Mexican coffee culture. Mexico
  6. A new year and a new season of fashion shows includes one of the first fashion calendar event of the year: Mens’ Fashion Week Paris. Among the 130 looks of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s autumn/winter 2019  show included, “an all over coffee bean/espresso cup print was applied to three-piece pyjamas.” Coffee in bed anyone? Paris, France
  7. On a coffee table, between the hands of a backseat car rider, in the office of a detective, True Detective has all the scenes where coffee helps to make the uncomfortable seemingly bearable. This is a case for watching Mahershala Ali as detective Wayne Hays in the crime anthology drama television series, True Detective, Season 3 now on HBO. World