hopper.: A Secret Coffee Garden, Ten Million Dollars for Coffee, An Affogato Poured in New York, September, 5, 2018

hop on it



  1. See the brew guide that might inspire you to rhyme Bees in the hopp, Bees in the hopp.  
  2. Seasons will change but here’s to hoping this nice, lush secret roof garden in the heart of Downtown LA remains. 
  3. The Riverside Food Lab is now open. This means that coffee service from the county’s first food lab is being poured by a country local.  
  4. Roman numerals make a modern menu – number 29 –  beautifully archaic. Can we frame it? 
  5. A nondescript coffee shop that’s now a nondescript trattoria, is serving one attention-causing affogato.  Lillo Cucina Italiana
  6. This film came out late spring and was watched throughout the entire summer. If you missed it, pick some flowers, then watch these. 
  7. To raise ten million dollars for a cause is newsworthy. To raise ten million dollars in coffee, in an estimated a one billion startup market for a cause is groundbreaking – a bellwether even.