hopper.: An HQ Soft Opens, Hot Coffee called Normcore and A Week Without Coffee.

look who’s talking

1.Sapp Coffee Shop, which is a coffee shop in the older sense of the term: a no-frills neighborhood spot for quick comfort food. Los Angeles

2.But I also know that there is something nice about being able to run across the street to get a cup of coffee when I want it. Hollywood

3. TEFAF will host a series of artist talks and interviews titled “TEFAF Afternoons” and “TEFAF Coffee Talks.” A full schedule can be found here.

4. I stopped drinking coffee for a week and I’m never doing it again. National

5. “Hot coffee is so normcore. Like, it’s for dads and old people commuting on the train.” GQ

6. So there’s definitely an argument to be made for iced coffee being gendered. National 

7.Sumi Ali can recall the exact sip that launched his passion for high-quality coffee.  Entrepreneur

8. Onyx Coffee lab HQ has soft opened. Arkansas

9.  Wholesale coffee is cheaper than it’s been in years. That’s not good news. Vox