hopper.: A Michelin Star for Coffee?, Adams Coffee Shop in LA, A Lisbon Coffee Shop is Worth Its Print.




coffee for Sasquatch

1. Bar Nine drops two new Instagram handles launching a business idea- RoastWorkLA and a dream in Marina Del Rey – and Bar Nine Dream. Culver City

2. From the ocean to the hood, Menotti’s opens its second location as a to-go coffee window on Sunset Boulevard.  Hollywood 

3. If a restaurant gets a Michelin star and has specialty coffee, does that mean the coffee gets a Michelin too? Congrats to Bird Song who has their first Michelin star and carries Saint Frank Coffee. San Francisco

4. The new comfort food restaurant Alta on West Adams has opened with an adjacent coffee shop concept – Adams Coffee Shop with coffee by Coffee Manufactory. And, its black owned. It’s throwing a throwdown this December 13th. Nuff said, we’re going. Los Angeles

5. Tis the season for almost winter and with it comes another artfully designed menu by Onyx Coffee Lab. From the Harvest Oat latte’s, hottest chocolate and an Onyx Nog these seasonal beverages make a coffee culture want to hitch a road trip. Arkansas

6. Barista Magazine  is coming in with a cover splash for 2019 and a powerful story on how the anniversary of WW1 influenced modern coffee consumption.

7. Some of the best coffee table magazines can be found at this coffee shop. Lisbon