hopper.: Big Island Coffee in Puna, Coffee at the Laundromat, Imbibe’s Coffee People. Jan.5′ 2018

10:07:10 a.m.


little canal, lower east side, New York

  1. The laundromat is hot, coffee hot. New York, NY
  2. There’s a ‘bug-lovin’ exhibition at Chinatown’s Endorffeine. where a Thai American barista serves up Thai American coffee drinks among others. Chinatown, Los Angeles
  3. The Specialty Coffee Association’s Sensory Summit is coming. It will cover sensory perception, characteristics of coffee roasting and profile development in craft coffee – the ideas that foster what’s special about coffee. Davis, CA 
  4. This island’s Puna region is emerging and the December issue of Hemispheres gives the Big Island Coffee Roaster a nod, nudging us to run for the coffee. Hawai’i
  5. Stevens Point, Wisconsin, a city with twenty recreational parks and nearly 30,000 residents at the time of the 2010 census is getting a new specialty coffee café, under the helm of a roaster with a Ruby Red R. Wisconsin 
  6. She illustrated Coffee Manufactory’s Latin 04. Her skills are one to watch. San Francisco, CA 
  7. The Barack Obama tweet that paired coffee and mental health.  World
  8. The article about coffee culture that you might not have read in 2018, that you should read in 2019. And maybe, make the book it references a coffee table one.
  9. Iktsu Arpok Coffeestand has opened in Vancouver   with seatless window service. Might we mention, the window is a showstopper.
  10. Imbibe Magazine names its Coffee People of the Year : “two brothers who are shaking up the Texas coffee scene,” says Imbibe about Houndstooth Coffee Roasters.