hopper.: Blue Bottle Coffee Swiss Acquistion, Napping With Coffee, Arizona is in Vogue

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Call it a sig bev in coffee culture or a coffee-tini in the film industry.  Filmmakers and others posed for portraits while having their coffee with the aid of martini as a compliment during the 42nd Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. L.A. Times

TWO. Instant coffee doesn’t mind slowing down if it means acquiring a small America giant. Nestle pays 700m for majority stake in Blue Bottle. Nestle states on its website that its, ” is committed to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.” Given Switzerland’s history with specialty knives, watches and chocolate, the culture will be watching to see how it deals with this sweet piece of coffee cherry. Financial Times

THREE. Have a coffee. Nap it away. Or at least thirty minutes after consumption, so says scientific research including a brief historical timeline on the power of a coffee nap.   Bye bye coffee break, hello nap time. “What is a coffee nap?” Better

FOUR. Is Arizona in coffee Vogue? With newness occurring punctuated by buzz verbs and nouns like demand, downtown, dwellers and David Bowie – although his legacy is bigger than the at-times temporal word connotated by buzz itself. Vogue Magazine writes about Arizona and specialty coffee, that veer towards a lifestyle included the following:  Press Coffee inside the restaurant Match, Cartel Coffee Lab downtown, Tea & Toast Co. within the food hall, DeSoto Central Market and night-lift caffeine at Jobot Coffee to the historic bungalow housing Songbird Coffee & Tea House. Vogue