hopper.: Caffe Sospeso Inspires, The Year of Saudi Coffee, Disease Resistant Coffee Stenophylla

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1.“Inspired by the Neapolitan tradition of caffè sospeso (“suspended coffee”) — where cafe clientele pay for an additional coffee that bartenders later give anonymously to those in need — Ibrahim expanded the custom to pizza. Soon, pizza sospesaspread to restaurants throughout Italy.” NPR, Goats and Soda

2.“Because coffee table books tend to weigh at least 2 pounds, they’re perfectly structured to sit on a nightstand or bookshelf and you can use them as desk décor.” Billboard.com

3.“The goals of the [#2022YearofSaudiCoffee] initiative are to celebrate coffee as a cultural product of Saudi Arabia and accentuate the connection between coffee and the national identity. Arab News

4.“If I were to bring a bag of our roasted coffee from Boon Boona to my mother, she would look at me and be like, ‘What is this?’ She wants the green. She wants the raw product. She wants to roast it. She wants to grind it. She wants to brew it herself in our traditional jebena brewing pot.” Seattle Refined

5. And you may have heard about the out-there-things they’re during to maintain their bodies Brady has so optimized his nutrition that he tries to avoid coffee and even tomatoes. GQ Print, February 2022

6. I’ve come late to a zeal for coffee. L.A. Times

7. “There’s another kind of coffee out there, known as stenophylla. It has a higher heat tolerance, greater resistance to certain fungal pathogens, and it tastes great. Vox