hopper.: Cascara Gets a Bar, Cafe Kitsuné Louvre Opens, Coffee and Carbon

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1. Maison Kitsuné  has officially turned its six years-and-running café chain into a full-on restaurant and bar, opening the Café Kitsuné Louvre this week, the first of its kind for the Franco-Japanese fashion brand. Hypebeast x Paris

2. The Saint Laurent Rive Droite café will feature top-to-toe black marble and neon interiors…guests who like what they hear can download the café’s music playlist, which will be available via a QR code placed on its sleek black Saint Laurent branded coffee cups.  Asia Tatler x Paris 

3. It’s been 15 years since Alan Adler invented the charming and cheap Aeropress but the world of third-wave coffee finally has his follow-up: the Aeropress Go. Gear Patrol x National 

4. “The Ohio tourism board is kind of killing the game when it comes to food tours. Not only do they have a 12-stop donut trail in Butler County, there’s the perfect accompaniment—or follow-up tour—over in Columbus: the Columbus Coffee Trail. Delish x Ohio

5. In celebration of National Coffee Day on Sunday, September 29th, the San Francisco 49ers and Peet’s Coffee©, two brands with longstanding roots in the Bay Area, today announced details of a multi-year extension of an existing beverage program at Levi’s Stadium. San Francisco 49ers x San Francisco 

6. Our friends at Earthday.org recently reported that 16 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year, which are coated with plastic to laminate the inside and also use plastic lids.

These stats equate to a staggering carbon footprint in the world of coffee, but it doesn’t end there. Newsweek x World 

7. While Devoción still serves a full menu of coffee beverages at the shop, cascara is the true focus; there are four sparkling taps of it, along with a rotating cascara pastry option and even a cascara affogato. 

Cascara” in Spanish means “peel” or “skin,” and was first given its name by legendary Salvadoran coffee producer Aida Battle in 2005. Barista Magazine x  New York.