Hopper. 030117

a person or thing that hops

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Marc Jacobs A/W 17 Fashion Show

introducing hopper, a new section to The Coffeetographer to specifically categorize ‘of the moment, in the moment’ things moving and shaping specialty coffee culture. they’ll come weekly as The Coffeetographer sees a grouping of things shaping current culture in the now.  each hopper will feature art, photography or another visual elucifying things in or of the moment. let’s go all in!


Its going to take two shots for this brand to say goodbye.  American Two Shot x Cafe Integral.

Read this piece of mail: Starbucks you’re not in ‘our’ coffee business says Italian cafes. NPR

Bottoms up takes on a new meaning for a group of Canadians. Reunion Island Coffee

Teasing in 15 seconds: a finca story from Panama.  Equator Coffees

Sip coffee near the ocean. Why not? Irving Coffee Farms.