hopper.: Coffee at The Hammer Musuem, Free Coffee for DACA, Starmaya Speaks, October 15, 2018



1. The nuts and bolts are in at least until the end of the year for Coffee Hall Chinatown. The rotating pop-up coffee bar is installed at The Hammer Museum where admission is free. Los Angeles. 

2. This Colombian coffee brand is moving on up…from Brooklyn to Manhattan. New York, NY  

3. Neat, the coffee shop formerly attached to a co-working studio in the O.C. Is ready to break ground on a new home.  Costa Mesa, CA  

4. Patria has introduced student hours and free coffee for DACA recipients. Compton, CA. 

5. New monochromatic packaging for Oakland roaster Coffee Manufactory has the culture blushing pink. Resealable zippers, earth friendly biotre material, rear valves and regional markers are part of the bag’s physical properties and excellent and minimalistic redesign. Oakland, CA  

6. A cup to remind you how coffee feels about you. Auckland

7. Through their project ‘No Death To Coffee’, launches a coffee that is also a conversation. The future of coffee and the farmer will rely on how resilient coffee can become despite environmental forces. It’s Starmaya, a climate resilient variety speaks to this issue and is now available. New South Wales, Australia