Hopper, 030617

a person or thing that hops

10:01:22 a.m.

introducing hopper, a new section to The Coffeetographer to specifically categorize ‘of the moment, in the moment’ things moving and shaping specialty coffee culture. they’ll come weekly as The Coffeetographer sees a grouping of things shaping current culture in the now.


she wore tangerine lipstick

Catch the ‘bibe. Like print, decaf isn’t dead 49th Parallel, Batdorf & Bronson, PT’s Coffee Roasting, Tweed Coffee Roasters, Verve Coffee Roasters

Rub a dub dub, coffee on a steak. Baco Shop

Illustration paves a new way to fly to Costa Rica.  Ferris Coffee

The revolution will be poured. With Art.  The New Yorker

The Paris coffee shop you’ll want to go to, is old and new at the same time.  Shakespeare and Co.