hopper.: Coffee gets new Kinfolx, Two Brothers in Tirana Bond on Coffee and Shoes, United Coffee

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cappuccino, hungry ghost with stumptown coffee

1. “…Many events moved online, and while that brings some benefits and certainly saves on travel expenses, it can’t replace the conversations and networking that happen in person at an event like Let’s Talk Coffee.”

2. “The desire to celebrate the sense of connection that Oakland’s Black families once enjoyed inspired Davis, along with friends Nicole Reyes and Akintunde Ahmad, to create Kinfolx, a community-focused coffee shop and wine bar. “

3. “People think about environmentalism and sustainability as a new thing, but in reality Indigenous communities across the world have always been sustainable. So one of the things that they did was instead of sacrificing animals, they slaughtered coffee. ‘Qalaa’ means ‘slaughter’ and ‘buna’ means ‘coffee.’

4. There were pillows on the couch, a whole flotilla of them, and there were two armchairs flanking it, a coffee table, bookshelves, the black nullity of a flat-screen TV affixed to the wall across from her.

5. “A Cup of Coffee and New Shoes On” is an emotional drama, set in Tirana. Agim and Gëzim, identical twins in their thirties, have a strong bond of brotherly love. They are deaf, but this doesn’t get in the way of their everyday life. One day they receive the diagnosis that they will also lose their sight, and they are confronted with their changing relationship to the world.

6. “INTERVIEW: What did you have for breakfast?

TUDISCO: A double espresso.”

7. “The [United Fly Club Denver Lounge ] space is designed to funnel guests in one door, past the coffee bar, down the aisle of food and cold beverages, and out through another exit.”