hopper.: Coffee Sacks Walk LFW, Good Coffee Shops in LA, A Coffee+Hookah Shop Make History?

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  1. The designer worked with New York jeweller Marla Aaron on oversized organic earrings and necklaces hewn from colourful slivers of Fordite, and Berlin company ReHats on caps crafted from recycled coffee sacks. London
  2. And what makes a good coffee shop?  Los Angeles
  3. Panama-based coffee company Ninety Plus says it has broken its own world record for most expensive coffee ever sold, sending green coffee to Espresso Labin Dubai (UAE) for $10,000 per kilogram ($4,535 per pound). It practically doubles the $2,273 price record for green coffee, which came from a 2017 Ninety Plus auction. National 
  4. “On Day 4 of New York Fashion Week, we were basically running on coffee, mascara, and the promise of Tom Ford.” New York
  5. So I saw a definite lane I wanted to take advantage of, which was creating a coffee shop that still had great coffee, but that wasn’t the centerpiece.” Los Angeles
  6. When Labib Salama opened the Egyptian Coffee Shop in 1997, he didn’t intend to found a landmark hookah establishment. Queens, New York
  7. Leader and the Herald Sun put the call out for nominations for who makes Melbourne’s best coffee as part of our Best of Melbourne. Melbourne
  8. The coffee shop is designed to feel like one of Cuba’s many paladares — homes that also serve as restaurants. Miami, Florida
  9. These are the ten best cafes in Mumbai. Mumbai, India