hopper.: Coffee With a Black Guy, Coffee Measured in Jugs, Coffee Ventanitas Banned

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1.I pour my coffee and cream and order new glasses from Warby Parker — I did the at-home try-on last week and found frames I like (spoiler alert: they are almost identical to my current ones).  Refinery 29

2.For coffee lovers, few businesses are more essential than a good neighborhood coffee shop, and thankfully, many currently serve drinks to-go. SF Gate

3.I drink a lot of coffee—an amount of coffee that would be better measured in jugs than cups. CN Traveler

4.But there’s no coffee business that isn’t seeing sales drops right now, and for those who’ve refocused their daily coffee routines to be stay-in affairs, it’s still easy to obtain fresh-roasted beans from top local roasters. Eater NY

5.According to Our World in Data, farmed prawns (“prawn” and “shrimp” are commonly used interchangeably in the culinary and agricultural world despite technically being two different types of animals) follow only beef, coffee, and chocolate in non-methane greenhouse gas emissions. The New Republic

6.CoffeeWith A Black Guy: This Social Entrepreneur Is Keeping His Community Talking, Despite Social Distancing Forbes

7.“With Cuban neighborhoods in Hialeah emptied due to COVID-19 lockdown, crowds turned to socialize over coffee at the pick-up service windows in South Florida known as “ventanitas” – forcing the city to ban the gatherings.”USA Today