hopper.: Duh…Coffee is Cancer Free, Polar Fracking, The Controversy of Topping Up, Coffee’s Deepeest C Price Plunge

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1. “Swiss architect Peter Zumthor spent 11 years drawing up plans for an ambitious reinvention of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. After multiple drafts, the fruits of his labor were made public, and many had a strong negative reaction to the proposed overhaul. Critics across the city decried the project—which would replace four of LACMA’s existing buildings with a single beige, concrete structure spanning Wilshire Boulevard—describing it as a freeway overpass, a toll booth, a Palm Springs motel, and a coffee table.” L.A. Times

2. “This week, the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, the deciding agency for California, said coffee is safe to drink based on the results of more than 1,000 studies that found no substantial evidence linking coffee to cancer.” USA

3. “Probat to launch subsidiary Kirsch + Mausser at World of Coffee.”  Berlin, Germany

4. “Polar fracking” has thrown Earth off its axis and now Iggy Pop is gnawing on innards that (this being a Jarmusch joint) he washes down with coffee.” Cannes, France

5. “However, there is one uniquely West Australian trait that I beg of you, must be stopped at all costs. One drink. Coffee. Two controversial words. Topped up.” Perth, Australia

6. “The sunny Californian city has over 2,300 coffee shops and 17 roasters…It’s difficult to say whether the growth in Oakland’s coffee industry has helped kickstart the city’s economic growth, or if it’s instead a symptom.” California

7. “The Big Island of Hawaii’s 49th annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival—with more than 40 individual events. Correspondent Tom Wilmer for an in-depth conversation with festival president Valerie Corcoran as she shares insights about Kona coffee’s history on the Big Island and highlights of the 2019 festival.” Hawai’i

8. “Coffee lovers of all types join us for a unique experience in the Faema NYC Pop-Up Coffee Shop. With over 16 rotating roasters offerings, prepared with a variety of different brewing methods from espresso to flash brew, discover our full calendar of educational and thought-provoking events.” New York

9. “At a time when finding talent is tougher than ever, relegating interns to coffee and copies is no longer relevant.”  Forbes 

10.  Arabica-coffee futures plunged the most in almost nine years in New York as a rally in the past two weeks triggered sell signals for chart-watching traders and producers alike. New York