hopper.: Everybody’s Busy Rap Duo Menu, Blk&Bold Is Targetwide, Film ‘Promising Young Woman’s’ Make Me Coffee Neon Sign.

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1. Rod Johnson and Pernell Cezar’s Blk & Bold coffee is now available in 870+ Target stores nationwide. Target is one of the first major retailers to join the 15 percent pledge, an initiative launched by Aurora James, founder of Brother Vellies, which asks  for big retailers to increase their representation of black owned brands by giving them 15% shelf space.  Also find Blk&Bld on Target’s limited time, Black History Month Collection.

2. A Chicago concept coffee bar, Everybody’s Busy, drips coffee with music. It’s presented February menu of drinks features all the hip-hop and R&B a music afficionado could love. A ‘Salt & Pepper’ for two please.

3.  Dripp Coffee Bars opens in South Coast Plaza, February 10th expanding Costa Mesa’s specialty coffee print.

4. Make Me Coffee is a neon sign that appears in the backdrop of one of the scenes in ‘Promising Young Woman’, whose director, Emerald Fennell, is one of three women nominated in the Golden Globes‘ best director category.

5. Toronto’s Propeller Coffee gives coffee lovers, possibly those steaming milk while working from a home, a mastertweet class on milk texture. Follow their Twitter profile – if you’re a tweeter – for threads like this where tearing sounds and whirlpool effects normalize ones steam obsession. 

6. If you’ve been to Colombia, a trip to its capital, coffee regions and Medellín to frolic among its Paisas are all a must. Website, Perfect Daily Grind, has a guide to coffee culture in this northern South American city from its tinto street drink to a burgeoning specialty café culture.

7. A film review for ‘First Date’, from Sundance 2021 reveals that a coffee can with $2,700 stashed in it, becomes the used car financing to buy a ’65 Chrysler, for a high school guy trying to go out with the girl of his teen dreams but finds himself without wheels, when she says yes.