hopper.: Farmers Abandoning Coffee Crops, A Sudanese Lost Boy Finds Coffee, Xiao Guai Guai at Win Son Bakery.

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1. “Because coffee trees take years to cultivate, if a farmer abandons their crops, there’s not much chance of ever going back.” Forbes

2.When you’re running from meeting to meeting, you don’t take the time to talk to the barista at the coffee shop—and those simple social interactions bring well-being, too.” AFAR

3. “This Lip Stain Passes The Coffee Cup Test With Flying Colors.” Refinery 29

4. “The company has higher hopes for the mass appeal of its new coffee product. Coca-Cola With Coffee, a riff on 2006’s unsuccessful Coca-Cola Blak, will launch in 25 international markets by the end of 2019, the company told CNN in May.” Japan

5. “The son of a coffee farmer whose family has spent the past 140 years growing coffee, Siddhartha originally purchased numerous coffee plantations in Karnataka’s Chikmagalur district after a brief but successful career in financial investing, according to the Times of India.

6. “There will be coffee, too, including a special extra milky cortado named xiao guai guai, meaning “good boy,” and once they open, the pastries will be joined by savory options such as a burger served on milk buns and “chicken boxes,” meals of dry or glazed fried chicken, scallion pancake wedges (instead of your traditional biscuit) and five-spice and cayenne jojo potato wedges.” The New York Times Style Magazine

7. Flawless photos of coffee. Medium

8. “Some people want to be wired after drinking coffee,” he says. “It’s suave, it’s soft, it’s aromatic. That’s the joy of Haitian coffee.” Miami New Times 

9. “A Sudanese Lost Boy is becoming a fledgling coffee entrepreneur in Virginia.” Style Weekly

10. “Now, 175-year-old Pabst Blue Ribbon is trying hard coffee.” NPR