hopper.: The Good Food Awards, Art on Brick Walls, Best Cafe Design in Australia, Comic Packaging + More. November, 21.




Maru Coffee

The wait is over. The Good Food Awards 2018 finalists are announced and here – 27 coffee brands in total. Among these, six coffees hail from California, two from New Jersey and one from Georgia – keep your eyes open.

Hot on the roll. Media artist Alexandra Bell took the brick walls of S,T Coffee and installed her fifth piece in the series Counternarrative.  In addition, the day before, on Sunday, 19th, S,T launched an in-cafe playlist along with its weekend BreakfaS,T service.

This Melbourne studio – Studio Esteta – was nominated by Architects’ Cooperative for a Best Cafe Design award for its work Workshop Bros GW.  And it won.

An Australian coffee company – Trinity Glassware – designed a two cup origin brewer and launched it on Kickstarter. With thirty days to go still, its not only reached its goal but nearly tripled it.

A seasonal offering by UK coffee roasters – Ozone Coffee – is putting some bang in its packaging. The culture is sure to see more of this special packaging from around the world this season. All the comic feels, friends.