hopper.: Poopity Coffee, TWA’s Coffee Counter and Clutching a $75 Coffee.

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1. Experts like him create hybrids by combining two genetically distant and complementary coffee strains, hoping to get the best characteristics from each parent. Technology Review

2. Just look for the sign leaning on the pebbly alley to the right of York Boulevard coffee shop and keep going until your eyes land on the curly-haired Komarin. Eater LA

3. “I love packaging but I also love coffee.YouTube

4. Tools for a well-lived life (a surfboard, an axe, a fishing rod, a barbecue grill) are scattered in the foreground like coffee table art books on a glass table in a smart house.

5. Coffee machines are not designed for security. TVs are not designed for security. What they are is additional vectors to get into your network. And you can’t protect them. There’s not going to be Avast [protection software] for Nespresso. Daily Mail

6. It’s all housed within the historic Trans World Airlines terminal, now restored to include a 512-room hotel, a restaurant, three bars, a coffee counter, a food hall, and more to come. Eater New York 

7. Klatch Coffee Roasters has procured 10 pounds of the exclusive Elida Natural Geisha coffee to split among its Southern California stores. At $1,200 a pound after roasting, each hot cup will cost a cool $75. CBS Local

8. The zombie duo pounce on their prey, wreaking comically bloody havoc, until they notice the coffee pots still steaming on their burners.  Time

9.  Does coffee make us poop? Newsweek