hopper.: Ralph’s Coffee Does The Chi, A 16 Year-Old Q-Grader, Coffee Liqueur Takes Center Cart

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  1. A visual feast: 6 favorite coffee table and gift books of 2022. NPR
  2. “Inspired by the viral TikTok and Instagram trend of dyeing sneakers in coffee, Costa Coffee has put a sustainable, desirable and premium twist on this formula to shine a light on their signature Mocha Italia Blend.
  3. “Many of these contemporary coffee liqueur brands have been patiently waiting on the sidelines for their moment in the spotlight, and the resurgence of the 1980s classic has finally given them a platform to show bartenders why their brand is worthy of a place on the backbar or bar cart.”
  4. In New York, Ralph’s Coffee shops have become something of a staple on TikTok (one even made an appearance on the new HBO Max Gossip Girl reboot), and the Chicago location promises a similarly aesthetic-driven experience. TimeOut Chicago
  5. “In the world of elite coffee, promoters of robusta beans—long known as a cheap, low-grade filler crop that goes into instant grounds—are viewed with either condescension or distrust, as though they’re peddling prom corsages made from highway weeds.” The Atlantic
  6. “Frankie, who is 16, coins herself as the youngest Q-grader in the world, certified in grading and scoring coffee through smell and taste.”
  7. “Arabic coffee has a special significance in expressing the generosity and hospitality in the Arab Gulf region in general and the State of Qatar in particular.” Gulf Times