hopper:. Scandinavian Egg Coffee, Farming Coffee in Yemen, A Deadline Café in Tokyo

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LES, New York

1.“The specialty coffee shop It is where avocado toast, “overpriced” drinks, minimalist branding, and pale Kinfolk-worthy interiors collided to create a caricature of an entire generation — one whose influence as tastemakers is, undoubtedly, on the decline.” Eater

2.To further bolster Oatly’s community-building and sustainability credentials, Kane co-created and directs the company’s Big Idea Grant for Coffee. BIG is an annual grant program launched in 2021. It’s meant to support small, independent businesses in the coffee community, Kane says. Forbes

3.“If a shop doesn’t know when their coffee was roasted, chances are it’s probably stale.” Well and Good

4.Within a century, Yemenis were cultivating coffee themselves. “So whereas Ethiopia is the place where coffee is indigenous, Yemen is the first place where coffee is farmed,” Chicago Tribune

5.“The idea for the café, Kawai said, came from a short story he read as a boy, Kenji Miyazawa’s “The Restaurant of Many Orders,” published in 1924, about a restaurant that is filled with signs telling customers what to do. “The Manuscript Café rules are not a joke,” he said. “This is a place for serious people.” The New Yorker

6.”Once they landed in America and moved to the Midwest, so did Scandinavian egg coffee. It eventually adopted the name “church basement coffee” in Minnesota because of its bountiful leftovers that could be split among church-goers.”

7.“Money, power and respect. Now, add coffee.” Insider